Jul 112013

My mother used to make our clothes when we were little. I would help her thread the sewing machine needle. That was the beginning of my love for sewing. One of my very first sewing projects in eighth grade Home Ec was a pink denim jumper (do they even have Home Ec in schools, anymore?). I was so proud of myself. In retrospect, it was horrid and I can’t remember ever wearing it. It was the fact that I actually completed the project that I was proud of.

I didn’t really have an occasion to sew until I was older, when I started making my own Halloween costumes. My first ones were Raggedy Ann and Andy for my husband and I. It was October 1977 and I was 25. That was when I made my first apron, for Raggedy Ann. The photos are blurry but you get the idea. Continue reading »