Nov 182012
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How To Sew For Beginners, Part 1 through 11

This series will teach you about the different parts of your sewing machine and what they do, setting up your sewing area, winding the bobbin, threading the sewing machine, taking body measurements, choosing the pattern and fabric, cutting the pattern and fabric, and sewing a skirt from start to finish!

Setting Up Your Sewing Area

Before we get into the necessary steps to using a sewing machine, you want to make sure that your sewing area is comfortable and convenient, and that you have the necessary tools to work with. Refer to our post titled, Welcome to the World Of Sewing, where we show you some of the basics.

Part 1 – Sewing Machine Safety

This course was designed for those who have little or no experience with a sewing machine, even those who have never seen a sewing machine before. After going through this course, videos 1 through 11, you should be familiar with the different parts of the sewing machine, how they operate, and, hopefully, be able to put a simple garment together.

Safety Warnings:

This video expresses the importance of sewing machine safety. Even though this is a course for beginners, it is not designed for children under the age of 18. No child should ever be left unattended when they are around a sewing machine. Make sure your child has adult supervision when taking this course.

Setting Up Your Sewing Machine

When setting up your sewing machine, make sure that you place it on a sturdy surface that doesn’t wobble. Never operate your sewing machine while on a bed, couch or chair because you could damage yourself or the machine, or break the needle. Also, the soft surface might interfere with the circulation beneath and around the bottom of the machine.

Make sure the table is a proper height or use a comfortable and adjustable chair.

This video was created by Niler Taylor and placed on YouTube with embedding enabled. Visit her Playlist on

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Happy Sewing!


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My mother used to make our clothes when we were little. I would help her thread the sewing machine needle. That was the beginning of my love for sewing. I have many memories of my mother and the projects that we created. Here's to you creating many sewing projects and some beautiful memories of your own.

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