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Making a quilt and quilting aren’t necessarily the same thing. I have quilted smaller projects, such as small blankets, placemats, chair covers, that sort of thing. All that means is I sandwiched a layer of batting between two pieces of fabric, sewed them together and then proceeded to quilt some lines across the fabric to attach the top piece to the bottom piece. That was my idea of quilting. If I said that to any quiltmaker, they’d probably laugh at me.

Making a quilt can be very intimidating. In fact, that is why I haven’t attempted it. I guess you could say that I have a quilting block. I have always wanted to make a king-sized patchwork quilt, but haven’t been able to get started. It takes a real commitment to make a quilt. Just thinking of all of those pieces of fabric, completing hundreds of quilt squares, then piecing them all together. I have so much respect for people who are organized and have the amount of patience required to take on such a huge task.

But, then I think of the women I know who have hobbies like crocheting, cross-stitching, knitting, scrapbooking, and so many other hobbies, in their spare time. They say it’s very soothing, and keeps their hands busy, they enjoy it, and produce some of the most awesome items for their homes and as gifts. And then I think of why I love sewing so much. For the same reasons. You just have to take each project a step at a time and remember, don’t rush. Relax and take your time. Don’t think you have to finish it overnight.

The thing is, making a quilt isn’t really that difficult. It’s just time-consuming. Also, without the right equipment, it can be too big to handle. Expert quiltmakers use machines that are specifically designed for quilting, and some use quilting frames that attach to the quilting machines.

quilt block frontI found a pretty good article about how to make a quilt with a regular sewing machine, rather than a long-arm quilting machine. It’s also a great method for a beginner, or anyone that might be intimidated with the idea of making a quilt. The photos on the left show a completed quilt block, front and back.

quilt block backAfter completing all of the blocks, just sew them together in rows that are easier to work with. The back of the blocks will already be quilted, so there’s no need to quilt the whole thing after it’s pieced together!

Quilt With a Regular Sewing Machine – Click Here!

All of the following sites have great tips on how to make a quilt:

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How to Make a Quilt

Quilting as You Sew or Divide & Conquer

Before you start any project, make sure that you have the necessary tools and materials to complete your project.

For quilting, the most important tools to have is an extra long and wide ruler, and a good rotary cutter and mat. The rotary cutter will cut through several layers of fabric at once. Of course, you’ll also need the fabric, matching thread, a good pair of sharpened scissors, straight pins, and an iron. Pressing your fabric as you go is essential in making sure to remove wrinkles so the pieces line up.

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My mother used to make our clothes when we were little. I would help her thread the sewing machine needle. That was the beginning of my love for sewing. I have many memories of my mother and the projects that we created. Here's to you creating many sewing projects and some beautiful memories of your own.

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