Nov 202012

Part 6 – Threading The Bobbin

Now that we’ve threaded the upper thread, it’s time to thread the lower bobbin thread.

We need to place the bobbin in the lower bobbin case and pull up the thread. The bobbin is usually right below the needle in the bobbin case. Sometimes, with a free-arm sewing machine, there might be a removable section that will have to be removed to get to the bobbin case.

There are two different types of bobbins, a metal bobbin case or a drop-in bobbin.

Some machines have a metal bobbin case where you place the bobbin inside a case that fits into a small compartment. By holding the latch you can pull out the case and place the bobbin inside, making sure the thread is going counter-clockwise. There is a groove on the side of the bobbin case and you want to bring the thread through that groove and along the side until it comes through a hole. There is an extension piece that comes out from the side of the bobbin. Make sure the thread lays in front of the extension piece. Then, pull the latch, which will hold the bobbin in place. The extension piece will be pointing up and you will see that it lines up with the bobbin case compartment. You might have to turn the bobbin case until you hear it snap into place.

The drop-in bobbin is much simpler. You can usually see it through a clear plastic cover that slides out. You then drop the bobbin into the compartment, with the thread going counter-clockwise.

The next step is to pull up the bobbin thread so that it joins with the upper thread. While holding the upper thread, turn the wheel toward you. You will see the needle go up and down, and then it will pull up the bottom bobbin thread. Grab the bobbin thread and while holding it along with the upper thread, bring the two threads toward the back of the machine so that they are out of the way.

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