Oct 162012

A sewing machine is a precision instrument and requires a lot of care. The instruction manual that came with your machine should show you how to maintain it and keep it in working order, how to make simple adjustments, and how to operate it. If you do not have a manual, you can order one through the manufacturer. The manual helps to identify certain parts mentioned from time to time in sewing directions, such as the threader, cutter, tension, and various feet that can be used.
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Oct 152012

This sewing basket includes: 16 thread spools, 16 metal bobbins, 1 measuring tape, 5 needles, 1 seam ripper, 1 thimble and 1 needle threader
I’ve started a list of sewing essentials for your sewing machine and sewing room. The first list are must haves, whether you use a sewing machine or when sewing by hand.

The second list are optional items that are for decorative purposes or will help make some steps easier or more convenient.

Third, I list sewing supplies to be used with a sewing machine. Of course, the sewing machine itself is essential. Go to the home page for my recommendations on sewing machines.

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