Aug 312013

Roundup: How to Make 15+ Christmas Stockings for the Holidays – Click Here

Blue Jeans Christmas Stocking – Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to make these stockings from old blue jeans. What a clever idea using the waistband with belt loops, and pockets. Use your creative imagination with embellishments, such as fabrics, fancy sewing stitches, maybe some embroidery, and appliques. Then, use a piece of the side seam for a hanging loop. I Love it! These match my Bootie Bag Jeans Purse.

Knit, Felted, and Plaid Christmas Stockings

Plaid Christmas Stockings with optional Kilt pin and Tassel

I’ll bet if you go through your closet or Winter clothes trunks, you’ll probably find a sweater or two that you either don’t wear or that doesn’t fit. Here’s a great way to use those old sweaters. And check out that baluster! What a great idea for hanging Christmas Stockings:

Christmas Stockings Made from Sweaters

More Sweater Stockings

Pick unique sweaters with buttons and collars to make these simple sewn sweater stockings. Get the full step-by-step at Martha Stewart.

Here’s a video that shows you how to make crazy quilt and quilted strip Christmas stockings. I love this video! You can use the same techniques to make any quilted projects.

Christmas Stockings – Crazy Quilt Stocking, Quilt Strip Stocking